[Xorp-users] using XORP (bgp) to test third party router

Atanu Ghosh atanu@ICSI.Berkeley.EDU
Tue, 10 May 2005 19:09:46 -0700

The bgp test harness was written with the intent of being able to test
third party BGP implementations:

We have never tried using the tests against a third party BGP. So
some dependencies on our BGP may have crept in.

I would experiment with the set of scripts that we use daily in our
regression runs, they are in Makefile.am:


A typical BGP will create a single session with a peer. More than one
session to a peer is clearly a protocol violation. We wanted to be able
to run our BGP regression tests from a Makefile so we modified our BGP
to accept connections on any port not just 179. For testing third party
implementations we need to run each test_peer on a separate host (or

The test harness has two components a coordinating process and a number
of test_peers. The test_peers are designed to run on separate hosts
although we run them on the same host.

Taking test_routing1.sh as an example the top of the file describes
which process need to be started, clearly when testing a third party BGP
there is no need to start the XORP processes. We need to start a finder
process a coordinating process and and three test_peers. All the port
numbers in script need to be changed to port 179 (PORT? and
PEER?_PORT). Choose three separate hosts on which to run the test
peers. Configure you BGP to accept connections from this these
hosts. Set the HOST variable to the IP address of your BGP router.

The finder process for security reasons will only accept connections on
localhost. It will need to be started with the "-n" with the network
that the test_peers are on and "-i" with the interface address that it
should listen on. Then start a test peer on each host with the "-h"
flag, with the IP address of the finder host. Each test peer will also
require a unique name provided with the "-s" flag, (peer1, peer2 and

For simplicity run the test_routing1.sh script on the same host that you
run the coordinator and finder process.

Now run a test:
$ ./test_routing1.sh -s -t test1 

The configure_bgp does indeed configure the XORP bgp.

There is no way to set the test peer's IP address interesting omission
on my part. The test_peer is provided with the targets IP address and
port. In our tests the target is always localhost so the source address
selected by the system is always localhost. When running the test_peers
on separate hosts again the source IP address will be selected by the
operating system.

I have noticed a number of problems in the test scripts while trying to
compose this email. The most irritating is that I have overloaded the
configuration on some peerings. For example in test_routing1.sh I use
the same peerings for IPv4 and IPv6 tests. Your won't be able to run the
IPv4 and IPv6 tests with the same router configuration. This also means
that you can't allow the script to run all the tests, each one will need
to be run individually.

I hope this helps.

In retrospect using the the shell as the scripting language was a
mistake. We will be rewriting the tests in python during the summer and
hopefully make the scripts more amenable to testing third party BGP
implementations. Checkout harness.py and lookup.py.

Sorry for the slow response we had a power failure in our machine room
today and lost both power supplies on our mail server.


>>>>> "jer" == jer log <jer_log@hotmail.com> writes:

    jer> Folks, I have since got some peering (bgp test harness) with a
    jer> third party router going...  But i have problems in specifying
    jer> multiple peers.  Specifically the router requires these peers
    jer> to come from multiple ip addresses.

    jer>    How do i specify a test peer's ip address?  I am assuming
    jer> configure_bgp() {} routine configures the peers in XORP.

    jer> Thanks, -Jer

    jer>   So how do i specify the peer programs to From: "jer log"
    jer> <jer_log@hotmail.com>
    >> To: xorp-users@xorp.org Subject: [Xorp-users] using XORP (bgp) to
    >> test third party router Date: Tue, 10 May 2005 16:27:22 +0000
    >> Hi, I am (a newbie) trying to use the bgp harness test suite of
    >> XORP to test a third party router.  Has this been done?  What are
    >> the processes i need to run to achieve this?  I have been able to
    >> compile xorp in a redhat linux.
    >> If i just modify bgp/harness/test1.sh it just stops at coord
    >> reset.  I guess i must start the coordinator process...
    >> Thanks for your help -Jer
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