[Xorp-users] RTT "Round Trip Time"

Gernot W. Schmied gernot.schmied@chello.at
Thu, 12 May 2005 02:23:09 +0200

TTA Group wrote:
> Thank you guys for your reply
> I will take your advice about not playing with RIP to make it
> RTT(Round Trip Time). But it seems XORP does not support any of the
> "Cost" link protocols like OSPF or EIGRp isn't it ?

EIGRP is Cisco-proprietary anyway, an example given to discuss hybrid
metrics, read Ivan Pepelniaks book about EIGRP.

> So in this case, either I have to install their routing platform (like
> Zebra) or even change the OS and use Windows2000 for OSPF. so which
> choice you recommend guys?
> I notice that to activate OSPF in windows2000 I have to configure
> Routing and Remote Access service in it. and that is only available in
> windows 2000 server. isn't it ? do you think I can easily configure
> OSPF in windows to use the delay metric (close to RTT) ?

You can't just "configure" or mimic TTL-like behavior, you have to
reengineer the code. Have a look at the Quagga OSPF implementation,
Zebra's evolution has nearly haltet. Link state protocols have a generic
cost-based metric and what you mean by delay is administrator-configured.