[Xorp-users] compiling problems

Pavlin Radoslavov pavlin@icir.org
Fri, 20 May 2005 12:42:15 -0700

> For what I read, the documentation do not obligate a xorp group, but I ad=
> ded and the errors are the same.

>From reading the source code related to the
<Group "xorp" does not exist on this system> error, it appears that
you have some users that belong to group "xorp", but somehow the
system doesn't recognize that group (system library call to
getgrnam("xorp") fails).

Could you verify that your /etc/group file contains a line for group
"xorp", and that line lists all users that are suppose to belong to
that group.
A simple way of testing that the change has taken effect is to run
"id <username>".

> I don't think I have any RTF_REJECT (Flag R) at netstat as shown in APEND=
> IX I. About RTF_DISCARD, I did not find at is the flag of this.
> I did not find what is a soft discard interface and how to configure it a=
> t the User's Manual and the getting started.

You can ignore the "Cannot map a discard route back to an FEA soft
discard interface" errors, because those are harmless during
startup. They are leftover from some earlier FEA mods and should be
cleanup in the future.

> I have already installed XORP, but there were some errors as I said previ=
> ously. What do you mean about Click?

If you started with config.boot.sample configuration, it has
"click {}" subsection inside the "fea{}" section. If you don't use
Click for forwarding, then delete the "click {}" subsection.