[Xorp-users] Simulating multiple routers on a single platform

Pavlin Radoslavov pavlin@icir.org
Fri, 20 May 2005 12:56:57 -0700

> I am in the process of planning a lab setup where I am interested
> in simulating the behavior of 100 routers. Due to equipment and
> financial constraints, I may only be able to purchase 10 routers
> and computers. Does anyone have any experience in being able to
> have a computer (running XORP) act like 10 routers? In other
> words, I have software  code for one router, but would like to
> have the ability to provide a network of 10 routers (say, with
> only a couple of routers). I am interested in the clustering
> behavior of large nodes, but setting up 100 nodes is arduous and
> expensive. An alternate solution is to find a tool that generates
> exactly the traffic from each and every node but that is extremely
> difficult without knowing the individual router characteristics.
> If anyone has any ideas or references, I would appreciate it. I'm
> a newcomer to this forum, so I hope my question is directed to the
> right area.

IMUNES should be the perfect candidate for you:

Basically, you need to install FreeBSD and apply the IMUNES patch
to the kernel.
Then you can use the cool GUI to create virtual nodes within the
same machine. Each node can run the routing software of your choice.
You can choose even to connect some of those nodes to any of the
physical network interface on the system so your virtual nodes can
communicate with the rest of the world.
In other words, install IMUNES on 10 FreeBSD boxes and within each
box create a virtual topology of 10 IMUNES nodes (each INUMES node
running XORP or anything else you like). Interconnect the 10 FreeBSD
boxes in any way you want, and this will give you 100 routers in
the same topology.

Marko Zec (the INUMES author) should be on this mailing list so he
can give you more information.