[Xorp-users] IGMPv3 Status/ v1.3 release

Pavlin Radoslavov pavlin at icir.org
Thu Jun 22 00:49:53 PDT 2006

> Could someone from the dev team update about a tentative release of 
> XORP 1.3 with IGMPv3 support. 

The IGMPv3 implementation is work in progress as we speak.
It should be ready for the next 1.3 release.

> Once this is provided, does it mean that we have complete SSM support 
> for IPv4. I mean can we run SSM traffic on a network of XORP 1.3 
> routers.


> I believe if the leaf multicast router supports IGMPv3 and implements 
> PIM-SM2 -v11-ietf draft (currenrly avalialbe in XORP), then (S,G) 
> Joins can be directly initated by the leaf router without first trying 
> to build a RP tree. Hence the setup of an SSM multicat channel. Please 
> confirm.



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