[Xorp-users] XORP talking to a remote Click

Yi Wang yiwang at cs.princeton.edu
Fri Oct 27 12:15:33 PDT 2006


I have been trying to let a XORP instance running on my local PC talk 
(send its forwarding table) to a Click instance on another machine. I 
only tried to set a static route in XORP so far. A new route did show up 
in the Click (IP lookup element named _xorp_rt4). However, it was the 
default route of the local interface (eth0 of my local PC) in the XORP 
interfaces configure (e.g.,, not the static route I 
configured (

A piece of additional information: when I started xorp_rtrmgr with this 
configuration (pasted below), there was such an error message:
[ 2006/10/27 14:21:48  ERROR xorp_fea:20687 FEA +331 
fticonfig_entry_set_click.cc add_entry ] User-level Click command error: 
520-Write handler '_xorp_rt4.add' error:
520 conflict with existing route ' - 0'

My guess is that XORP does not know how to reach from eth0. 
Any suggestions on how to get around this?

Another more general question I have is: say a XORP instance is runnning 
only BGP (without any IGPs), is there a way to configure this XORP 
instance such that it passes all the best routes to a remote Click 
without trying to resolve the immediate next-hops or outgoing interfaces?



The toy XORP configue file I used:

interfaces {
     interface eth0 {
         disable: false

fea {
     unicast-forwarding4 {
         disable: true

     click {
         disable: false

         duplicate-routes-to-kernel: true

         user-click {
             disable: false
             command-file: "/usr/local/bin/click"
             command-extra-arguments: "-R"
             command-execute-on-startup: false
             control-address:	/* the address of the 
remote box where Click is running */
             control-socket-port: 13750

protocols {
         static {
                 route {
                         metric: 1

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