[Xorp-users] Show of hands on users please

Bruce Simpson bms at incunabulum.net
Sat Mar 6 04:46:33 PST 2010

Hi all,

Given the recent XORP, Inc. business failure, it's understandable that 
people are concerned about the future of the open source work product 

We really need a show of hands, on organisations who may be using XORP, 
in a commercial or semi-commercial capacity. I have received some leads 
in this regard, and will be following up as time permits. If you or your 
organisation are using XORP, please get in touch.

There is a strategy which needs to be followed in order to get the 
project back to healthy status, however, this may not be 100% compatible 
with a volunteer-based way of doing things.

An interim 1.7 release is a possibility. This has taken a long time 
because the release management process has been starved of resources. It 
is likely that not all of the boxes which we'd like for that release to 
be ticked, would be ticked.


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