[Xorp-users] [Xorp-hackers] Recent developments and patch submission

Bruce Simpson bms at incunabulum.net
Sun Mar 7 09:34:48 PST 2010


I'd love to respond to your points in detail, however, I fear we have 
drifted off-topic here.

My original message to you, was merely to point out that in order for 
any further work to happen on the XORP source tree, whilst we are in 
this period of uncertainty with the project, basic procedures still need 
to be followed.

This is doubly important, given that there is currently no paid XORP 
support function. It's unreasonable to expect volunteers to wade through 
months of mailing list traffic looking for something to do.

Whilst I'd agree mailing lists are great for sounding out ideas, or 
working through the details of a patch, they are not terribly useful for 
tracking ongoing issues with the source tree.

In response to your points re "keeping all my changes totally private 
like it seems other developers are": that isn't happening, to the best 
of my knowledge, which is why I have asked for a show of hands in good 


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