[Xorp-users] Show of hands on users please

Garry Peirce peirce at maine.edu
Mon Mar 8 09:05:07 PST 2010

We are (soon to be) using Xorp 1.6 in a production educational environment
for stub site access devices.  Initially using for simple IGP routing, some
mcast and future implementations of v6.

Over the past year, we've worked with a supplier of a customized access
device to integrate it over use of another commercial network platform.
I've been a bit nervous over time not seeing a sense of frequent
development/defect resolution activity, but the recent thread on development
issues has me more concerned.  

Xorp has been good fit for us so far and we'd obviously like to see it
I may not fully understand what may be going on in the background, but I
would hope that a way can be found to integrate defect resolutions found
within any sub-branches of the mainline and a renewed sense of openness can
rise from the unfortunate demise of Xorp.inc.


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> Hi all,
> Given the recent XORP, Inc. business failure, it's understandable that
> people are concerned about the future of the open source work product
> ongoing.
> We really need a show of hands, on organisations who may be using XORP,
> in a commercial or semi-commercial capacity. I have received some leads
> in this regard, and will be following up as time permits. If you or
> your
> organisation are using XORP, please get in touch.
> There is a strategy which needs to be followed in order to get the
> project back to healthy status, however, this may not be 100%
> compatible
> with a volunteer-based way of doing things.
> An interim 1.7 release is a possibility. This has taken a long time
> because the release management process has been starved of resources.
> It
> is likely that not all of the boxes which we'd like for that release to
> be ticked, would be ticked.
> regards,
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