[Xorp-users] Interfaces must be connected to a switch all thetime to run xorp?

Mohd Arif mohd.arif at nechclst.in
Mon Mar 8 21:47:05 PST 2010

Dear Saurabh,
	Can you please provide me the link for that patch?
	I've got stuck in the same situation.

	Thanks in advance.

Best Regards,

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Thanks Heiko,

I found and applied the patch, now it is working as expected...

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Hi saurabh.

On Monday 08 March 2010 07:44:49 saurabh wrote:
>             "Configruation failed: 102 Command failed Cannot start vif
> eth2: underlying vif is not UP"

I posted a patch that fixes something like this a while ago. That patch went

into the SVN repository. What version of XORP do you use?

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