[Xorp-users] Reducing Xorp binary setup size ?

Ben Greear greearb at candelatech.com
Wed Mar 17 13:02:48 PDT 2010

On 03/17/2010 08:01 AM, saurabh wrote:
> Thanks Ben,
> I have checked the patch it is impressive in size reduction...
> But this is not running (died while searching for xorp_igmp , as it disabled
> module due to disable_ipv6) .. so then I tried to compile it with just
> disable_fw and disable_profile .. it again being self killed in xorp startup
> (rtr_mgt process)
> I have sent you logs ..
> 1) latest ct xorp's startup log
> 2) Config file
> 3) Same config file same machine using regular xorp (just to conform my
>     setup) , which was working fine.
> So I doubt that , by applying disable_ipv6 and disable_fw few of the
> dependencies are there and that's why xorp is not being able to start VIFs
> (as per log)

I can reproduce problems here as well (I've been lazy and only compile-testing
a lot of this stuff lately).

Looks like I need to muck with the template files, at the least.

I should have it working shortly.


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