[Bro-Dev] Broctl installation process clean up

Robin Sommer robin at icir.org
Mon Nov 8 12:42:33 PST 2010

On Mon, Nov 08, 2010 at 13:30 -0600, you wrote:

> I want to go with distutils here, just wondering if you had
> considered it

Initially I didn't do that as I didn't seen an easy way to get all
the special stuff the install used to do integrated with distutils
(perhaps I'm just not sufficiently familiar with it). Also, the
installation setup grew kind of organically. But I wouldn't be
opposed to switching to distutils, in fact I'd prefer it but don't
know much work that is and whether it's worth it. What do you think?

> That doesn't sound hard to do, but I'm not sure I understand
> completely (and don't know what earlier mails you're referencing).

(I think I discussed this briefly in earlier threads at least with
Seth, but perhaps that wasn't on the mailing list; not sure). 

> Do you mean that CMake installs something like a broctl-config.sh.in
> and that `broctl install` transforms it into the broctl-config.sh
> that the now-static scripts will source?

Yes, this is what I mean. There'd be only one dynamic file now,
broctl-config.sh generated by "broctl install", and all the rest is
static (much of the content of broctl-config.sh could be determined
at CMake-time already, however there's some stuff in there that
depends on broctl.cfg). 

> I'll try to anticipate as much as I can, but getting things perfect
> for packaging purposes will probably require another iteration after
> the basic CMake build is done (or else my head might explode).

Yes, I see that. Just wanted to throw it out there. :)


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