[Bro-Dev] #247: Bro trunk build fails with OpenSSL stack error

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Mon Nov 8 20:03:12 PST 2010

#247: Bro trunk build fails with OpenSSL stack error
Reporter:  kreibich           |       Owner:  kreibich
    Type:  Patch              |      Status:  assigned
Priority:  Normal             |   Component:  Bro     
 Version:  1.5.2-devel (svn)  |    Keywords:          

Comment(by gregor):

 The patch seems to work for openssl < 1.0.
 I tested it on a Debian with openssl0.9.8g-15+lenny6

 However, there's a caveat: The check for the STACK type happens early.
 Later on configure.in modifies the include paths. On Mac the openssl that
 ships with Mac OS is 0.9.8, but I also have an openssl from MacPorts, that
 is 1.0.0. The problem is that when the test runs only the standard
 includes paths are enabled, so configure finds openssl 0.9.8. Later it
 adds the MacPort paths. When bro actually compiles the compiler finds the
 openssl 1.0.0 headers.....
 Solution: move the test towards the end of configure.in (at least after  #
 OS-specific hacks and tweaks)

 Another option would be to just put a

 #ifndef STACK
 #define STACK _STACK

 into the appropriate files

 Otherwise: I think it would be really good if we could get this patch into
 the trunk quickly.


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