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#26: case insensitive regular expressions
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Comment (by seth):

 More thoughts I forgot to add.

 What I would like to see happen is something along these lines...

 const p = /abc/i &redef;
 redef p += /DEF/;

 The result would be that /abc/ would be a case insensitive portion of the
 pattern "p" and /DEF/ would be case sensitive.


 const p = /abc/ &redef &case_insensitive;
 redef p += /DEF/;

 This could be another use case where /abc/ is case insensitive along with
 /DEF/.  This could be useful for situations where a large number of
 disjunctions are being done or an original script writer wants all further
 patterns added to the pattern to be case insensitive without needing the
 user of the script to define all joined patterns as case insensitive.

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