[Bro-Dev] Thoughts on documenting scripts

Gregor Maier gregor at icir.org
Tue Nov 23 10:21:15 PST 2010


I've been thinking about documenting the public interface VS.
documenting everything. It might be helpful to have a cross referenced
documentation of everything if somebody wants to dig deeper.
How this the following sound to you:

* Per default only extract documentation for the public interface
  (i.e., the export section plus some globals)
* However, also document the internal workings (which IMHO is good
  style anyway)
* Have an option to extract and generate the full documentation. (We
  probably won't ship this documentation, but people who want to hack
  around in scripts can generate it for themselves)

* This raises the question of documenting generated events VS. event
  handlers. I guess that bro should be able to distinguish them, since
  the definition of policy-generated event is presumably followed by a
  semicolon and no body while a handler always has a body, right?
  (Or could one define a policy-generated event with a header?)
  If bro can make that distinction, then it should be able to separate
  handlers from event definitions.

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