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Robin Sommer robin at icir.org
Mon Nov 29 11:43:38 PST 2010

On Mon, Nov 29, 2010 at 12:53 -0600, you wrote:

> I think I can claim that DEB, RPM, Mac PackageMaker, and tarball
> formats are possible by relying on CPack, but it looks a little
> ugly...

By tarballs, you mean tarballs of binaries, right? I'm actually not
sure we need those. Let's skip if nobody objects. 

Let's do just generic RPMs and Mac PackageMaker (and source tarballs
of course). No problem if the RPMs don't look perfect as long as
they *work* fine at least on a standard RedHat system.

In addition, let's then work with others to tailor to distributions
(and rely on their judgement in terms of what the best solution is 
build those packages):

    - Justin for DEB.

    - "Real" RPMs whenever we find somebody willing to do them for
      some distribution. 

    - Craig Leres, of LBL, for FreeBSD ports. He has offered to help
      with that when I talked to him last week. I'll get you in
      touch with him when you think you are ready for that. 

> For Mac PackageMaker or tarball formats, one deficiency I remember
> is that you can't unpack to just any directory and have bro work
> because the default policy search dirs are set at compile time.

Shouldn't be a problem for the Mac packages as they will install
into a predefined location, won't they?

> with PackageMaker, vanilla OS X comes with all required dependencies
> and I think it's sufficient to just ship the optional ones with the
> package.

Sounds good. 


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