[Bro-Dev] Tarballs

Gregor Maier gregor at icir.org
Mon Nov 29 14:57:09 PST 2010

> For generating RPMs, it's difficult to get full control of package metadata (description, license, maintainer name/email), so the package might not look so professional.
> For generating DEBs, the package dependencies will not be set automatically, so CPack is basically unusable.  As a workaround, "alien" can be used to generate a DEB from RPM w/ correct dependencies, but again it's difficult to get control of metadata.

I would think that once we have the meta-data framework for deb and rpm,
we won't need to really touch them, right. So supporting deb and rpm
even without CPack seems to be a do-once task, right?
Or am I missing something?

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