[Bro-Dev] #277: broctl install failed

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Sun Oct 3 20:08:40 PDT 2010

#277: broctl install failed
Reporter:  Ar Kar Oo <oa883@…>                |       Owner:  robin     
    Type:  Problem                            |      Status:  new       
Priority:  Normal                             |   Component:  BroControl
 Version:  1.5.1                              |    Keywords:            

Comment(by anonymous):

 Replying to [ticket:277 Ar Kar Oo <oa883@…>]:
 > No command 'broctl' found, did you mean: .....
 > Although make install-broctl finished successfully I got this error when
 I ran this command.
 > I read from
 but it still isn't helpful.

 Its quite old entry and I am not sure you are still looking for an answer
 but try ./broctl install. I had the same problem solved using that.

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