[Bro-Dev] first try at a skeleton script

Gregor Maier gregor at icir.org
Mon Oct 4 14:08:44 PDT 2010

On 9/29/10 15:27 , Robin Sommer wrote:
>     - As a general rule, I guess a comment block should always be
>     associated with the next language element. 


>     - The script itslef should start with a block describing the
>     overall purpose of the script and perhaps potential
>     caveats/things to keep in mind etc. 

Question: how to distinguish scripts' doc section from the doc section
of the first language element, if somebody choose to only use one of

>     - Each indidivual doc section should start with a single short
>     sentence summarizing the documented element, followed by further
>     text going into more detail. 


>     - Generally, all doc text is formatted in reST. However, one
>     thing I always hate when writing documentation strings is adding
>     all kinds of markers for things like parameters, return values,
>     etc. (e.g., "@param", or ":param:"). 
> [cut]
>      - "Returns: texttextext" is the magic to mark the description
>      of the return value. 

> Thoughts?

I'm just wondering whether not using markers might end up exploding in
our faces once enough people write doc strings ....

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