[Bro-Dev] #287: BroControl should warn if changes aren't "install"ed

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Thu Oct 14 09:53:46 PDT 2010

#287: BroControl should warn if changes aren't "install"ed
Reporter:  seth               |       Owner:  robin     
    Type:  Feature Request    |      Status:  new       
Priority:  Normal             |   Component:  BroControl
 Version:  1.5.2-devel (svn)  |    Keywords:            
 At times it can be difficult to remember to "install" after making changes
 in the site directory before restarting with BroControl.  BroControl
 should check to see if there are any files that are updated in the site
 directory and put up a warning to the user if they are restarting or
 starting without installing.

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