[Bro-Dev] Cmake for Bro

Jonathan Siwek jsiwek at ncsa.illinois.edu
Mon Oct 18 14:58:15 PDT 2010

First a general question:  for the configure options we decide to remove, are we talking about just removing them from the user-facing configure script or additionally cleaning out the preprocessor blocks from the code that implements them?

> --disable-broccoli Do not build/package Broccoli
> -> Remove; broccoli will be its own package.
> --disable-broctl Do not build/package broctl framework
> -> Remove; BroControl will be its own package.
> --enable-cluster Configure broctl for cluster usage
> -> Remove; that's an option for BroControl.

I'm not fully understanding how the new packaging and build system are going to cooperate.

It seems like this will make each sub-module's build independent from the main Bro "core".  That would be fine (and probably easiest thing to implement), but I'm not sure that's what we want?

I thought that conflicts with the goal of providing an easy method of retrieve/configure/build/install for all desired sub-modules in one shot.  In order to do that, the top-level Bro configure script needs to be able to enable sub-modules and be aware of their config options.

CMake is fine with recursing on sub-projects and git can do sub-modules, so I was expecting to leverage that functionality.

- Jon

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