[Bro-Dev] DataSeries for Bro

Martin Arlitt martin.arlitt at ucalgary.ca
Mon Oct 25 09:41:05 PDT 2010

hi Seth

the modified source should be available at


if there are any issues, please let me know.


Seth Hall wrote:
> On Oct 22, 2010, at 6:44 PM, Martin Arlitt wrote:
>> if you or anyone else has questions about this, please let me know.
> Hi Martin!  I'm really excited about the prospects of integrating DataSeries into Bro.  Are the changes to Bro available anywhere?
> For the benefit of anyone that hasn't found it yet, here's the link to where you can download the DataSeries source code:
>    http://tesla.hpl.hp.com/opensource/
>  .Seth

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