[Bro-Dev] Opinions on trace rewriter?

Vern Paxson vern at icir.org
Mon Oct 25 22:51:25 PDT 2010

> Not sure what I am stepping into, but here I go. I agree strongly with Robin.

Yeah, I can appreciate that viewpoint.  The counterpoint is;

> I don't see that (b) was really in line with
> any proposed work in the latest grant

Sure, but Robin is proposing actively yanking out code; I wasn't arguing
for putting further work into it, just leaving it be.

> If the only reason to keep it is to show what can be done with Bro, the
> papers already do that

Only somewhat, because for this sort of capability (which I do get inquiries
about time-to-time), telling folks that we removed it smacks of "it never
really worked", which is more harsh than I think is deserved.

In any case, I'm won over with the notion of having a coherent patch that
captures what's been removed.


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