[Bro-Dev] #292: Cluttering of alarm.log with serialization messages

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Wed Oct 27 07:41:27 PDT 2010

#292: Cluttering of alarm.log with serialization messages
Reporter:  vallenti  |       Owner:  robin     
    Type:  Problem   |      Status:  new       
Priority:  Normal    |   Component:  BroControl
 Version:  1.5.1     |    Keywords:            
 In a standard setup with broctl, I find that `alarm.log` gets cluttered
 with a lot of messages like:
 1288164542.559074 Starting incremental serialization...
 1288164542.682096 Finished incremental serialization.
 1288165442.559114 Starting incremental serialization...
 1288165442.680014 Finished incremental serialization.
 1288166342.559481 Starting incremental serialization...
 1288166342.679497 Finished incremental serialization.

 I don't remember the exact mechanism to tweak these messages (notice
 policies?), but since they don't seem critical, I suggest removing them
 from `alarm.log` in the default setup.

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