[Bro-Dev] #293: scripts/local-interfaces cannot find ifconfig

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Wed Oct 27 07:51:48 PDT 2010

#293: scripts/local-interfaces cannot find ifconfig
Reporter:  vallenti  |       Owner:  robin     
    Type:  Problem   |      Status:  new       
Priority:  Normal    |   Component:  BroControl
 Version:  1.5.1     |    Keywords:            
 I find the following error in `debug.log`:
 28 Oct 01:25:01 [local]     /usr/local/share/broctl/scripts/local-
 28 Oct 01:25:01 [local]    exit code 0
 28 Oct 01:25:01 Local IPs: /usr/local/share/broctl/scripts/local-
 interfaces: line 9: ifconfig: command not found
 28 Oct 01:25:01 [local]    sh

 If the log entries reflect serial execution, this is a little weird
 because `local-interfaces` first terminates cleanly with exit code 0 but
 then cannot find `ifconfig`. Since `local-interfaces` merely invokes
 `ifconfig` from bash, I wonder how this can happen.

 The system I am working with is a vanilla CentOs 5.5 Linux where
 `ifconfig` is located in `/sbin`.

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