[Bro-Dev] #293: scripts/local-interfaces cannot find ifconfig

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Wed Oct 27 19:54:20 PDT 2010

#293: scripts/local-interfaces cannot find ifconfig
Reporter:  vallenti  |       Owner:  robin     
    Type:  Problem   |      Status:  new       
Priority:  Normal    |   Component:  BroControl
 Version:  1.5.1     |    Keywords:            

Comment(by vallenti):

 Replying to [comment:1 robin]:
 > The reason for the "exit 0" is probably that the helper script fails to
 recognize that there's a problem.

 Is `local-interfaces` used somewhere other than in `debug.log`? Or put
 differently, does it matter if this command fails?

 > Regarding ifconfig, it is in the PATH? (On Linux, often it's not for

 Annoyingly, this is the case here. On Linux,  `/usr/bin/env bash` is not a
 login shell and hence does not source `/etc/profile`, which usually
 extends `$PATH` with the various `**/sbin` directories.

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