[Bro-Dev] DataSeries for Bro (was: Major NSF funding for Bro development)

marlitt at ucalgary.ca marlitt at ucalgary.ca
Wed Sep 29 14:43:25 PDT 2010

hi Robin

my intern has finished his project, and has returned to his university. We
are still wrapping up the documentation. I'll see him next week at OSDI,
so he and I can discuss this in person. If you, Vern or any of the
developers happen to be at OSDI, we could have an informal discussion
then. We can also plan for a more formal presentation a bit later.


> Hi Martin,
> as we're ramping up with our new project, we had a meeting over here
> recently where everybody agreed that switching Bro to a binary
> logging format makes a lot of sense, and generally folks also liked
> what DataSeries offers. So I was wondering whether you might already
> have an update on how the work on integrating DataSeries went? If
> you (or your intern) could give us a summary of your experiences,
> and perhaps even point us to some code, that would be very helpful.
> If you don't mind, please cc the Bro development list at
> bro-dev at bro-ids.org in your reply; the folks who will work on this
> are listening there. :)
> Thanks,
> Robin
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