[Bro-Dev] #246: (IRC::active_channels[IRC::my_c]): run-time error, no such index

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Thu Sep 30 08:35:37 PDT 2010

#246: (IRC::active_channels[IRC::my_c]): run-time error, no such index
 Reporter:  Tyler.Schoenke  |       Type:  defect           
   Status:  new             |   Priority:  Normal           
Component:  Bro             |    Version:  1.5.2-devel (svn)
 Keywords:                  |  

Comment(by Tyler.Schoenke):

 Thanks.  I'll ignore the message for now.  If someone wants to fix the
 code to check for the existence of the index, that would be great.  I see
 this error fairly often in the crash logs, so one less error would help in
 debugging the actual source of a crash.

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