[Bro-Dev] #433: run-time error: unserialized unknown global name

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#433: run-time error: unserialized unknown global name
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 > Not sure. It's using the current directory because that's where all
 > the other logs are written into as well. I would find putting the
 > state somewhere else confusing.

 I think I see what you mean... by having logs and state output to the cwd,
 it makes it easy to resume a previous bro run by just starting it up in
 the same working dir as before, right?

 Putting state somewhere else would require some extra mechanisms to
 separate state per bro instance and an explicit way for a user to say
 which state they want to resume.  If that sounds right, I don't think I
 have a good argument to change where state is stored at the moment.

 But another small gripe is that some might consider the fact that it's a
 dot directory created in the cwd "rude" if users are less aware they
 could be creating that all over their filesystem when running bro
 standalone on trace files or something.

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