[Bro-Dev] Doc generation tests fail

Jonathan Siwek jsiwek at ncsa.illinois.edu
Thu Apr 21 08:02:54 PDT 2011

> /home/robin/bro/master/policy/logging.bro, line 88: error: syntax
> error, at or near "}"
> ... 
> Is there markup that can't be parsed?

Here's what it's choking on:

    ## Information passed into rotation callback functions.
    type RotationInfo: record {
        writer: Writer; ##> Writer.
        path: string;   ##> Original path value.
        open: time; ##> Time when opened.
        close: time;    ##> Time when closed.

That comment markup is using the wrong angle bracket.  Replace "##>" with "##<" and it should work.  The reason why the current markup results in a syntax error is because the parser will interpret that last "##>" comment as a "##" token, which is something that has to precede a record field declaration, and there are no more of those in that record.

Side note:  the "doc.autogen-reST-example" might still fail because (1) there's a missing period in one place in the baseline (2) the ordering of set/table values seems to be able to change between runs.  I fixed those last night in my topic/jsiwek/doc-framework branch.  I'm not sure if you want to try cherry-picking that commit or if you just want to wait until merging that branch again.

Also, these logging tests are failing for me:

logging.remote-types ... failed
logging.remote ... failed
logging.rotate-custom ... failed
logging.rotate ... failed
logging.types ... failed

I put relevant `btest -D` output here:

- Jon

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