[Bro-Dev] Script reorg proposal

Robin Sommer robin at icir.org
Tue Aug 2 08:01:21 PDT 2011

A few thoughts regarding where to put site policies:

    - I think the default for all pre-built packages should be
    whereever the target system's file system standard wants such

    - A user can always pick a different place. With BroCtl, it's
    single config option; and otherwise one just points BROPATH to
    that new location.

    - That said, we still need a default for the source install of
    course. I'm not sure I like ~/.bro for that, it's not where I'd
    intuitivelely look for local scripts, in particular when working
    as root.

    Does anybody have a good idea where the different OSs/distros want
    such local scripts files to be located?  I'd say let's just pick
    one of those as the default for the src install as well. 

    - I don't think we should rely (or "approve") the overshadowing.
    It will work to some degree (but not always, per Jon's mail), but
    in any case let's not make that the official way of extending Bro. :)


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