[Bro-Dev] Script reorg proposal

Matthias Vallentin vallentin at icir.org
Tue Aug 2 08:21:50 PDT 2011

> No, it's that relative script loading (e.g. @load ./bar) is currently
> implemented such that it first always searches the
> directory-of-the-current-script-being-loaded (e.g. the place where
> __load__.bro lives; $PWD may differ from that).

Got it, thanks for clarifying.

> I think what you're trying to do with script overshadowing is
> workaround the lack of OO in the language, and if we wanted to solve
> that, it would be better to address it directly instead of hacking
> around it?

Substituting scripts is indeed a hack at best to replace or extend
existing code. Because the language itself used to have little
customization points (data redefs, callback tables for a few
structures), I found myself often replacing entire chunks of the base
code by means of substituting implementations. Maybe this strategy is
not apt anymore after the script reorganization and the new logging


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