[Bro-Dev] #532: IP_Hdr class constructor possible problem

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#532: IP_Hdr class constructor possible problem
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 The IP_Hdr() is used as an abstract version for an IP header than handles
 IPv4 and IPv6 (i.e., struct ip* and struct ip6*). The constructors look
 like this::

   IP_Hdr(struct ip* arg_ip4)
   IP_Hdr(const struct ip* arg_ip4)

 (similar for ip6). The class then stores this pointer internally. If the
 constructor without the const pointer is used then the IP_Hdr class will
 ``delete`` the pointer in its destructor, otherwise it won't.

 IMHO this is a very dangerous behavior, since it's very easy to pass the
 "wrong" pointer to the constructor. We should probably change the
 constructor to explicitly require a flag indicating whether the pointer
 should be ``delete``'ed upon destruction.

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