[Bro-Dev] #536: protocols/ssh and geoip problems

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#536: protocols/ssh and geoip problems
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Comment (by gregor):

 >  >  Looks like that's because it's expecting to use a City database, but
 >  >  finding it?  The GeoLiteCity database usually has to be downloaded
 >  >  manually, more info here:
 >  I've been meaning to get to that, it's fine to not have the city
 >  but we need to make sure that we don't try to capture city information
 >  we didn't end up loading the city database.  We just need to check the
 >  loaded database with the GeoIP_database_edition function.

 It would also be great if we could prevent libgeoip from printing stuff
 directly on stderr. That's annoying.

 And, calling lookup_location() without geoip support enabled will yield an
 error. If we use lookup_location() in any of the new default policy
 scripts, we should suppress this error.

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