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#541: Proposal for default filter $path names
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 The way that default $paths are named for logging filters is a bit of a
 mess right now.  My plan is to rename most of the Log::IDs like this:
 SSH::LOG, SSL::LOG, Syslog::LOG.

 The problem (as I see it) with the way things are done now is that if you
 are outside of the module namespace and you want to install a filter you
 need to use the Log::IDs full name which currently looks like this:
 SSH::SSH, SSL::SSL, Syslog::SYSLOG which is very non-obvious.

 When the logging framework comes up with the $path value for the default
 filter it names it by the ID name without the module and this works great
 with the current but confusing naming scheme.  I want to propose that the
 logging framework use the module name for the default path if it's a ::LOG
 value, and otherwise use the value itself without the module.

 One case in particular where I'm thinking this would already work is in
 the notice framework.  The notice framework will have Notice::LOG and
 Notice::NOTICE_POLICY which should result in default $paths of "notice"
 and "notice_policy" respectively.

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