[Bro-Dev] #541: Proposal for default filter $path names

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Sun Aug 7 12:58:44 PDT 2011

#541: Proposal for default filter $path names
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Comment (by robin):

 On Fri, Aug 05, 2011 at 15:36 -0000, you wrote:

 >  with the current but confusing naming scheme.  I want to propose that
 >  logging framework use the module name for the default path if it's a
 >  value, and otherwise use the value itself without the module.

 This is getting quite complex for something done internally. But: I
 think we can just add a default_path_func to the scripting layer that
 kicks in if a filter doesn't define its own, and there you can do
 whatever you want. I'll add that.

 (We might need a another bif to get you access to the module name

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