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#545: More script reorg fallout
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 - in general, it seems scripts may be leaving out `@load` directives based
 on the assumption that everything in the `base/` directory is loaded by
 default.  Scripts should always explicitly `@load` all dependencies as
 that will be more pleasant for a user trying to run with `--bare-mode`

 - the `testing/btest/policy` directory should be renamed/reorganized
 according to the new script organization

 - the `policy/misc/testing-coverage.bro` unit test is falsely succeeding

 - the `policy/misc/check-test-all.bro` unit test and accompanying `test-
 all.bro` are inadequate.  What I'd like to see it do is a separate
 invocation of bro using `--bare-mode` for every script under the
 `scripts/` directory.  The manifest of scripts should be auto-generated by
 the test and doesn't need to be under revision control, meaning `test-
 all.bro` can be removed.  Performing the test like this will uncover
 dependency issues that are otherwise hidden and always provide complete
 coverage, meaning the `testing-coverage.bro` test mentioned above can just
 be removed.

 - the `make restdoc` target should also enable `--bare-mode` for creating
 documentation for individual scripts

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