[Bro-Dev] #551: Potential alternate signature loading method?

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Wed Aug 10 12:55:44 PDT 2011

#551: Potential alternate signature loading method?
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 The way signature file loading happens is annoying and inconsistent.  At
 some point it would be nice to be able to do this:

 @load-sigs mysigs
 # or...
 @load-sigs mysigs.sig
 # and even better (since the lack of relative loading for sigs is now
 @load-sigs ./mysigs

 This is opposed to the current method of:

 redef signature_files += "mysigs.sig";

 In this case mysigs.sig would have to be located in the BROPATH somewhere
 which breaks the "module" model of being able to distribute small chunks
 of functionality independently of where it's placed in the BROPATH.

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