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#558: /topic/gilbert/ascii-header
  Reporter:  gclark         |      Owner:  robin
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Comment (by gclark):

 > - I'd prefer the line with the types to have just those, i.e., `time`
 instread of `ts=time`. That makes it easier to parse in like awk, and the
 relationship to the field name is already there via the column.

 All right.

 > - What's the use case for including the path?

 This allows log processors to recognize log files that have been renamed
 to formats other than simple 'conn.log' or 'ftp.log' without having to
 wield complex file name regex voodoo.

 > - I'm wondering whether we should make it easy to tell what kind of
 meta-line it is. How about this format:
 > {{{
 >    #fields    ts        uid         id.orig_h    id.orig_p    ...
 >    #types    time    string     addr           port           ...
 >    #separator \t
 >    #path    conn
 > }}}

 I think separator needs to come first, as it's used while parsing the
 other header fields.  I also think we need to be careful to ensure the
 separator line itself uses a constant separator (a space?), or the line
 won't be very useful :)

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