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#560: Child analyzer Init() problem
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 I think there is an inherent problem in the way analyzers and child
 analyzers are initialized. If analyzers are added by
 BuildInitialAnalyzerTree() they are not initialized at first but in a
 batch by calling::


 If an analyzer wants to add a child in its Init(), the parent doesn't know
 whether it needs to init this child or not. If the parent was added by
 ``BuildInitialAnalyzerTree()``, it *must not* ``Init()`` the child,
 because ``BuildInitialAnalyzerTree()`` will do it. OTOH, if the parent was
 added dynamically, e.g., by DPD signatures, then it *must* ``Init()`` the

 What was the reason for ``BuildInitialAnalyzerTree()`` to defer
 initialization of the tree until the end of the function?  Initializing
 when they are added would solve the problem but I guess there was a good
 reason to do it this way.


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