[Bro-Dev] #563: Check topic/broccoli-manual-rest

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Thu Aug 18 10:07:33 PDT 2011

#563: Check topic/broccoli-manual-rest
 Reporter:  robin       |       Type:  Task
   Status:  new         |   Priority:  Normal
Milestone:  1.6         |  Component:  Bro
  Version:  git/master  |
 Haven't gotten to this yet. If somebody could take a look if this
 looks good, that would be helpful.

 commit daa9662dd3082c82c552139ed53c87a03abb44d6
 Author: Don Appleman <appleman at ncsa.illinois.edu>
 Date:   Thu Jul 21 12:20:10 2011 -0500

     Initial push of reST doc format of broccoli-manual

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