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#574: More exessive memory usage
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 It appears that there are still cases in which Bro uses excessive amounts
 of memory and doesn't release them when using the SSL-anlyzer (which is
 enabled by default). I couldn't pinpoint the exact reason, but it looks
 very similar to

 My guess is that for some there is some dynamic length field so something
 in the SSL-analyzer that allocates large amounts of buffer space and which
 is particularly "expensive" for long-lived connections.

 The memory usage doesn't suddenly jump. Memory usage grows in small
 increments over longer periods of time (e.g., 500MB--2GB in 30--60min) and
 then stays high.
 (In addition I also noticed that Bro's memory footprint with SSL analyzer
 is 10%--20% higher pretty soon after startup)

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