[Bro-Dev] Update on log management

Martin Holste mcholste at gmail.com
Wed Aug 31 07:52:12 PDT 2011

As per Gilbert's request, I'm moving this discussion over to the dev list.

Last night I sent out a small set of scripts to the list which I've
been using to help leverage Bro logs with other systems, namely by
sending them to our central syslog as well as logging the data to a DB
and putting a basic web query interface on the data.

Gilbert, you said that you've got a similar project for log snarfing
going, but I am a bit of a n00b on your git system and I can't find
your topic branch.  Can you provide a link to it?

Can you guys please lay out what the basic goals, roadmap, and
timeline are for all Bro output?  Please be clear about things you
would *like* to do versus things which will actually be production
ready in the next few months.



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