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#510: Upgrade How-To
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Comment (by jsiwek):

 Transferring the following list of topics from the wiki for the upgrade
 guide, and expanding on some:

 - Explain new script organization's hierarchy
   - top-level source dir name changed from `policy` to `scripts`
   - the new `base` subdir differs from the new `policy` subdir in that
 `base` is all scripts that are loaded by Bro by default (unless the `-b`
 option is given)
   - default/builtin BROPATH only looks in `policy` and `site`, not `base`
 (important to know for those running in `-b` mode)
 - Scripting-layer API changes
   - The `@prefixes` directive works differently, see
   - `mask_addr` BIF returns `subnet` vs. `addr`
   - `net` type has been removed
   - `remote.bro` has evolved into the communication framework
      - `Remote` module renamed to `Communication`
      - `Remote::destinations` renamed to `Communication::nodes` (the table
 of peers)
      - `Remote::Destination` renamed to `Communication::Node` (the type
 defining a remote peer)
 - The default packet filter now examines all packets instead of
 dynamically building a filter based on which protocol analysis scripts are
 loaded.  See `PacketFilter::all_packets`.
 - Dynamic Protocol Detection (DPD) is now enabled/loaded by default
 - The "default" conn.log does not use well known ports for the service
 field, may be an added field in an extension script, see #576
 - The majority of shipped Bro scripts have been overhauled to take
 advantage of modern Bro features.  This includes using a new logging
 framework to standardize the format of logs across scripts.
 - The "notice" framework has been overhauled to make it easier for a user
 to define their site's policy.  Might need more details/examples here.
 - The development process has moved from using SVN to Git for revision
 control and from Autotools to CMake for the build system.

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