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#580: pf_ring support
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 Martin has convinced me that it's worthwhile to go ahead and get pf_ring
 support added sooner rather than later since it's a very common way of
 doing single interface load balancing on Linux.  Eventually we should move
 toward a more generic PktSrc model (I don't think what we have is quite
 abstracted enough) but since the pf_ring code would be surrounded by
 #ifdefs anyway it should be fairly clean to rip it out later when we have
 a more generic way of grabbing packets and the code that would need to be
 added to support it should be fairly minimal.

 Like the syslog writer, I'm not sure of a timeline on this either.  I'm
 setting it to the release after the next, but if we could squeeze it into
 the next release I'm sure that everyone would benefit.

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