[Bro-Dev] #665: broctl and check/install/(re)start dance refinement

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#665: broctl and check/install/(re)start dance refinement
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Comment (by eddyg):

 A thought... since this has been irking me of late (when I forget to

 You could use the equivalent of  "ls -lR | md5sum" on the share/bro
 directory to store the current checksum of the configuration, store that
 in the spool dir after every "install". Then on every "start" check the
 checksum and perform an implicit "install".

 Of course you can use python libs for this if you don't want to depend on
 Unix commands (a sensible approach), so that would be os.walk() (or some
 recursion), os.lstat() to dump some text into a buffer then md5 it.

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