[Bro-Dev] #719: SMTP policy blocklist: Added originator only logging

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Tue Dec 13 06:50:06 PST 2011

#719: SMTP policy blocklist: Added originator only logging
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  Priority:  Low    |  Milestone:  Bro2.0
 Component:  Bro    |    Version:  2.0 Beta
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Comment (by seth):

 I'd rather not solve the way you did in the patch, but I definitely
 understand what you want.  I think what we might do is change how the
 shorthand notice policy configuration variables work (i'm totally up for
 changing this for 2.0 to).  What I need to know is what you ultimately
 want to change.  Do you just want to completely filter out all non-local
 blocked servers?  Or would you really just like to alarm or notice on the
 local blocked servers?

 I have two proposed techniques, each with things I like and don't like.
 Both examples would solve the problem you are trying to solve.  Which do
 you prefer?

 redef Notice::ignored_notices += { [SMTP::Blocklist_Blocked_Host,

 redef Notice::shortcuts += { [SMTP::Blocklist_Blocked_Host, LOCAL_HOSTS] =

 We also need to overhaul that notice a bit but I've been planning on going
 around and touching all of the notices a little bit before the release to
 make them all clearer.

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