[Bro-Dev] #298: Automatic build tests on NMI testbed.

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Mon Dec 19 07:55:23 PST 2011

#298: Automatic build tests on NMI testbed.
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Comment (by slagell):

 Not sure if we want to mark this off as complete. It isn't really anything
 that will ever be finished as every time they change something, we have to
 fix all the platforms again. Let me describe where we are now.

 After we got them to install libmagic, we are back to every platform
 target building again. The internal tests fail on *some* platforms, but
 not consistently. For example, there are a sometimes a bunch of errors on
 Ubuntu 32 bit, but the same version on a VM here works fine. These pseudo-
 random failures seem to be due to timeouts and overload on the NMI B&T

 As far as the external tests go, I am not sure. I'll let Daniel comment on
 those, but he is out for the holidays. Anyway, I don't think there is
 anything here holding back the 2.0 release.

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