[Bro-Dev] #298: Automatic build tests on NMI testbed.

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#298: Automatic build tests on NMI testbed.
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 Since I was looking into the current status of testing failures on NMI,

 > The internal tests fail on *some* platforms, but not consistently. For
 example, there are a sometimes a bunch of errors on Ubuntu 32 bit, but the
 same version on a VM here works fine. These pseudo-random failures seem to
 be due to timeouts and overload on the NMI B&T VMs.

 All of these failures appeared to be communication-related tests that
 possibly timed out due to either 1) too short a timeout interval or 2)
 high load on certain NMI platforms (Ubuntu 10.04 32-bit).  I've increased
 timeout intervals to address (1) and emailed NMI support about (2).

 But I didn't see anything concerning here that would hold back release in
 the case we can't get it resolved.

 > As far as the external tests go, I am not sure. I'll let Daniel comment
 on those, but he is out for the holidays. Anyway, I don't think there is
 anything here holding back the 2.0 release.

 Both external tests were failing on all platforms.  The NMI scripts
 weren't doing a `cat` on the diag.log, so I don't have a good idea of the
 reason yet, but I'd like to at least see that output before we say it
 shouldn't hold back the 2.0 release.

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