[Bro-Dev] #298: Automatic build tests on NMI testbed.

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Tue Dec 20 08:26:47 PST 2011

#298: Automatic build tests on NMI testbed.
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Comment (by jsiwek):

 > Both external tests were failing on all platforms.  The NMI scripts
 weren't doing a `cat` on the diag.log, so I don't have a good idea of the
 reason yet, but I'd like to at least see that output before we say it
 shouldn't hold back the 2.0 release.

 These were only failing because of these reasons:

 1) An empty debug.log is generated since Bro was configured with --enable-
 debug and the `diff-all` script doesn't find a baseline for that.
 2) The reporter.log contains an error about GeoIP support not being
 configured which we should ignore
 3) Varying versions of OpenSSL render X.509 Distinguished Name components
 differently (e.g. "street" vs. "streetAddress"), we should canonicalize
 log fields that contain DNs like we currently canonicalize log fields
 containing mime types.

 So fixing this doesn't have to hold back the release, but it's very close
 to working IMO.

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